Vampirella Cosplay is Sure to Seduce You

Vampirella cosplay

There are certain characters from video games, movies, and comic books that are just filled with sex appeal, making them the perfect targets for cosplay.  Everyone wants a chance to feel sexy and have it be perfectly acceptable.  Vampirella is one of those characters that cosplayers can choose to evoke and equip an aura of seduction and beauty while still having an awesome horror/gothic-esque vibe.

Cosplayer MrProton makes a perfect Vampirella in this sexy cosplay.  MrProton looks beautiful in Vampirella’s signature skimpy attire, and places herself with a leafy backdrop that really adds a unique, beautiful, and effervescent feel to this already incredible cosplay.  Be sure to see more of MrProton by visiting her DeviantART page!


Photography by Pugoffka

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Written by ManaCookies

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