This Amazing Jill Valentine Cosplay Will Send Zombies Running

As a gamer, if Resident Evil doesn’t instantly cause one to recollect the video game series that made it’s debut back in 1996, then no one can be responsible for the head shakes of shame one might receive. Even for those who don’t tend to delve into the survival horror games, it seems that gamers across all interests know about Resident Evil. It’s kind of hard not to, considering the mark it’s not only made on the gaming world – with titles still cranking out, as well as the expansion into movies. Resident Evil as a whole has made quite the name for itself, and with characters that have captured fans worldwide, it’s hard to argue that it’s not deserving of such praise.


One of Resident Evil’s most prevalent characters is Jill Valentine, a woman who made her debut alongside the release of the original Resident Evil. As most may know, Jill Valentine has been there since the beginning and in the original Resident Evil she was a part of STARS – a special police force. In later Resident Evil titles, Jill becomes a member of the group BSAA, after escaping from a city that has been overrun with zombies. Through the multiple titles and storylines that Resident Evil has gone through, Jill Valentine has been one of Resident Evil’s most notable characters.


Taking on such an iconic character and crafting a cosplay that resembles any of Jill Valentine’s outfits can be quite difficult; yet, Sophie Valentine has taken Jill’s classic battlesuit and put it together beautifully. With something so masterfully done, it’s hard to not picture Jill Valentine while looking at Sophie.



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