This Slave Leia Cosplay is Overflowing with Beauty and Power

Slave Leia Cosplay

Jabba the Hutt is easily one of the most repulsive villains in the Star Wars universe. With his massive size and extreme sexual desires, he was an opponent not easily dealt with. Capturing Princess Leia as she tried to rescue Han Solo, the gangster added her to his collection of female slaves, often prodding her with his tongue and groping her endlessly. Forcing the princess to wear a revealing outfit and dance for him, his goal was to break her strong will before ravishing her. But Leia was more cunning than he imagined and strangled her master with the very chain he used to control her.


There have been many iterations of Slave Leia in the cosplay world. Cosplayer Sbabby adds her remarkable Slave Leia to this collection. Her costume is simply out of this world. From the chain dangling down her neck to the gold trimmed boots on her feet, the attention to detail is stunning. The material on the loincloth is an exact match to the movie’s and her braid ends with a divine clasp. Sbabby is alluring and powerful at the same time, showcasing exactly what Slave Leia is about.



Photography by T-Rex Bertozzi

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Written by Glitchiee

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