This Maleficent Cosplay is Sinfully Stunning


Maleficent started out as the wicked Disney Villain in the popular movie Sleeping Beauty. However, there has been a movie recently that has shaped the way the world views this evil witch. As a beautiful young woman in a forest kingdom of utopia, Maleficent was not a bad guy at all. One day though, she is forced to stand up for her kingdom when an enemy army invades the once beautiful land. A betrayal that causes her heart to turn, thriving only on vengeance. She curses the king and his firstborn, a daughter who happens to be the key to peace.


This Maleficent cosplay is exactly like the costume from the Hollywood movie. Channeling Angelina Jolie in this epic film, JasDisney rocks out the deceivingly complicated ensemble. She makes it all look so easy, from the beautiful costume to the stunning pictures, this cosplay definitely takes the cake. It is totally epic.


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Written by RennieStarks

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