This Juliet Starling Cosplay is Sweeter Than a Lollipop

Juliet Starling cosplay

Juliet Starling of Lollipop Chainsaw fame is just your average cheerleader. She’s worried about friends, her cheer squad’s championship ranking, her boyfriend Nick, and also… hunting zombies! Juliet, in fact, is descended from a long line of zombie hunting experts, including her father, proclaimed a “DILF” by Juliet’s friends, her older sister Cordelia who sinks every headshot, and her quirky younger sister Rosalind, who despite being a newly licensed driver has caused a multitude of accidents. Juliet, with her trusty chainsaw and an endless supply of lollipops for energy, she ensures that she is ready to take on whatever challenge she is faced with. Unfortunately, a huge zombie outbreak happens on her eighteenth birthday of all days! Juliet springs into action, delivering a bevy of perfectly choreographed cheer moves and deadly chainsaw slashes to defeat her legions of undead foes.


Just Chris-Tea makes an adorable Juliet. With her cute poses and relaxed air, she captures Juliet’s fun-loving personality without missing a single aspect. Her chainsaw is exceptionally crafted, with every detail perfectly in place, making it look adorably lethal. Even Juliet’s favorite candy, her signature lollipop is included to tie the costume together. Her perfect blonde hair, red and blue San Romero High School cheer outfit, arm warmers, stockings, leg warmers, and sneakers have her ready to either cheer on the football team or take on an undead horde.



Photography by Peter Ali Photography

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Written by Kris Kittie

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