This Harley Quinn Cosplay is Adorable and Spunky

Harley Quinn

At All That’s Cosplay, we absolutely love Harley Quinn, which is pretty obvious considering the amount of incredible Harley Quinn cosplays we post.  We just can’t get enough, and apparently neither can the cosplay community, as every day we see a new, epic Harley Quinn cosplay.  One cosplayer, though, has become well-known for her many renditions of various Harley Quinn ensembles, and that is Itty Bitty Geek.


Each and every one of Itty Bitty Geek’s Harley cosplays is stunning, but this is one of our favorites.  With a ruffled skirt, diamond print embroidered leggings, and dip-dyed blonde hair, Itty Bitty Geek looks straight out of the upcoming Batman video game, Arkham Knight.  To see more of Itty Bitty Geek’s incredible cosplay work, be sure to check out her Facebook page!


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Written by ManaCookies

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