This Gorgeous Spartan Cosplay is Out of This World


There are few gamers these days who aren’t familiar with the Halo franchise and its impact on the gaming community. In recent years, it’s practically become synonymous with online and multiplayer gaming. Sci-fi, action, and aliens make it a legendary first-person-shooter experience. The series, set in outer space, now spans multiple games and focuses on a classic struggle between good versus evil… most notably, the human super-soldiers called Spartans, and a group of aliens called The Covenant. The durable body armor worn by the heroes is one of the most recognizable in the world of gaming (think Stormtroopers, but way cooler).


One doesn’t need to be intimately acquainted with the series to recognize epic cosplay. Cosplayer Mariedoll continues to impress us by wearing this stunning commissioned armor piece, made by RP Creations. Decked out in Spartan armor, from her helmet down to her metallic footwear, Mariedoll proves that pink is a badass color and that super-soldiers aren’t just men. The classic attire has of course undergone some modifications, showing off her sharp figure (and I’m sure, even sharper precision with that energy sword).


We’ll just admire from afar.

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Written by LadyofRohan

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