This BioShock Elizabeth Cosplay is Simply Stunning

Bioshock Elizabeth cosplay

Elizabeth is one of the most popularly cosplayed characters of all time, deriving from one of the most popular video game series of all time, BioShock.  While many feared that she would be a useless companion that players would have to escort around, she proved herself to be highly useful, providing Booker with ammo and money that she scavenged.  On top of that, Elizabeth brings a saddening and mind-bending storyline that make BioShock Infinite quite a masterpiece.


Cosplayer frosel creates Elizabeth’s blue and white dress to make a cosplay that is gorgeous.  She even places herself in a cathedral setting, which will instantly remind many of the beautiful church that players venture through when they first arrive in Columbia.  Frosel’s Elizabeth cosplay is truly beautiful and completely shows how talented this remarkable cosplayer is.


Photography by Pugoffka

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Written by ManaCookies

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