This Amy Wong Cosplay is Out of This World


Futurama is an animated adult science fiction sitcom TV show. The show takes place in New New York in the 31st century. New New York was built over present-day New York City, which is referred to as Old New York. The story follows a small group of individuals who work at Planet Express, an interplanetary delivery company, and are unable to conform to society.


Among the group is Amy Wong. Amy is a wealthy, spoiled, and ditzy college student and employee at Planet Express who makes mistakes often. She is the heiress to the western hemisphere of Mars and she was born. She is Chinese and often swears in Cantonese. Throughout the show, she is generally very promiscuous.


Riri is identical to Amy Wong with her laid-back attire and short black hair. Her manner and attitude bring this cosplay to life. Riri is the perfect Amy, and this is by far one of our favorite Amy Wong cosplays.



Check out more of Riri’s cosplay work at her Facebook and Twitter pages!

Photography by NW Cosplay


Written by Guest Contributor: Wonderflexwoman

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Written by Guest Contributor

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