This Adorable Ahri Cosplay is Absolutely Foxy

Ahri cosplay

The sun is shining and the weather is bringing the heat — which means that soon people will be donning their summer clothes. Of course, that doesn’t start and end with just people as foxes, or former foxes rather, are also basking in the beautiful rays and getting ready for the upcoming season. What might that mean, exactly? It means that League of Legends’ Ahri is ready to party poolside — thanks to cosplayer Mandee Sim.


Not only is the cosplay of League of Legends’ infamous foxy lady adorably sweet, but there’s an air of sexiness to it that is also brought to the table. There aren’t many out there who would be able to knock out such an amazing cosplay. With the skills that Mandee Sim brings to the table, with her Ahri cosplay and others as well, it’s no surprise that this cosplay, in particular, might evoke oohs and aahs from handfuls of fans. Take a look at Mandee Sim’s other amazing works at her Facebook page!


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Written by espynat0r

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