This Venomous Poison Ivy Cosplay is a Spring-Inspired Vision

Poison Ivy Cosplay

There’s nothing like the seasons changing, and before we head into summer we should take time to appreciate that flowers are blooming — especially the one’s blooming on Poison Ivy. Most are used to seeing in her usual green garb, generally hitting two or so tones of green. However, with a bit of creativity Poison Ivy can become something completely different, and it’s all thanks to cosplay! Poison Ivy, or Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley to some, is one of Batman’s biggest foes and Harley Quinn’s best friend. Versed in botany and toxicology, Poison Ivy is a woman who knows her way around a plant, having a mystical connection with them through the Green.


A villainess of both brains and beauty, Poison Ivy came into her circumstance when Marc LeGrande attempted to poison her with her own herbs — fortunately for the woman she survived. Rather unfortunately for Batman, it caused to her become the woman she is today, often using her skill to attempt to get the better of the vigilante.


Not many people get to see different “seasons” of Poison Ivy, but cosplayer HJ Steele has made it possible. By taking on her own inspired take on Poison Ivy, fans are able to see a side of the character they didn’t get to in the comic and movie renditions of the female. Pastels and hues make this cosplay great, but the thought and detail that went into it make it amazing.


Photography by Santrizos Photography

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