Retro Cosplay Edition: Crisis Averted with This Regina Cosplay

Regina Cosplay

When darkness falls in October, ghouls and ghosts tend to give us a scare. However, there are other creatures that lurk in the darkness on Halloween waiting for someone to stumble across their hiding. This month at All That’s Cosplay, we have plenty of treats coming your way with amazing cosplayers decked out in their spooky themed cosplays. Some of our brave heroes may just be hiding from something scarier than the paranormal.


Dino Crisis is a survival horror game brought to us by Capcom. While the style is similar to Resident Evil, we’re running from a much larger threat than the living dead. Regina, along with three other partners, is dropped into a research facility on a remote island to apprehend Doctor Edward Kirk, a world-renowned scientist thought dead but actually is working on a weapons project in the facility. The team happens across the island’s inhabitants slaughtered and partially devoured and soon thereafter find out what their real threat is, a threat that came to the island from another time through a rift in space.


Thundering footsteps echo across the terrain and each one causes the earth to rumble in its wake. The team finds themselves pressed against a nearby building in hopes of falling in the shadow and not being seen by what is nearing them. The creature pauses and the only sound to break the silence is sniffing, like a wolf picking up the scent of its prey. With a deafening roar, the team is face to face with what they believed to be extinct, the dangerous T-Rex.


Sophie Valentine Cosplay does a fantastic job of portraying the fiery-haired protagonist. Replicating the skin-tight clothing and leather, she shows no sign of fear when she finds herself in combat against monsters that tower over her with their maws of sharp teeth open wide in a roar. Sophie does not over-do it with weaponry, as Regina is skilled moreso in hand-to-hand combat. She’s one woman I would not want to mess with.


Written by Guest Contributor: MissJinxei

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Written by Guest Contributor

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