Retro Cosplay: A Catra Cosplay From ‘She-Ra: Princess of Power’

Catra Cosplay

As another week has gone by and Thursday has approached, it is time for another retro cosplay! From Daria to Powerpuff Girls, we are here to evoke the nostalgia in all of you, and to do that yet again, this week we will be featuring an amazing cosplay of She-Ra: Princess of Power’s lovely, yet cruel and bitter femme fatale, Catra.


Catra was definitely no friend to the mighty She-Ra. Siding with a group called the Evil Horde, she didn’t even get along with these villains, only choosing to work with them to receive some sort of gain for herself and turning to them when in dire need. Yet, Catra is definitely someone who you want to have working alongside you, as her abilities are truly something special. Catra wears a mask called a Magicat mask which allows her to morph into a large, formiddable purple panther that even the toughest of Catra’s enemies would be afraid of. In addition, Catra is able to teleport and has a highly advanced knowledge of technology, proving that she was not only beautiful, but had brains, and could also kick some serious butt!


Cosplayer Raquel Quiros has created one of the best Catra cosplays that we have seen so far. Equipped with a superbly crafted Magicat mask, a long dark ponytail, bright red lips, and piercing blue eyeshadow, Raquel has surely nailed this cosplay. Performing this shoot with She-Ra cosplayer CookieKabuki, it appears as though Catra and She-Ra can, in fact, get along without it turning into an all-out brawl, and it has resulted in an extremely stunning photoshoot of these two characters that we first witnessed way back in 1985.

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