Succumb and Awaken with Aya Brea Cosplay

Aya Brea Cosplay

Aya Brea, the beautiful blonde haired blue eyed protagonist of the Resident Evil video games. Fighting against Parasite Eve who uses her highly evolved mitochondria to slaughter hundreds of people, Aya develops her own mitochondria powers dubbed Parasite Energy. Aya is a tough worker who never wants to see another life taken. Often self-sacrificing, she will not let another put themselves in harm’s way for her benefit. Feeling alienated around others, she keeps her powers hidden but comes to humanity’s rescue whenever necessary.


In 3rd Birthday, Aya dons a different outfit from her normal attire. Lady Zero transforms into this Aya beautifully. Wearing ripped jeans with a black belt, black boots, and a black leather lace-up top. With her signature gun, she is ready to take down any High Ones. Not only does Lady Zero cosplay this amazing outfit in promotion perfection, but she also poses in a blood-splattered, torn up version. This little touch really sets this cosplay apart.


 Photography by Liberty-Hateless

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Written by Glitchiee

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