A Sexy Princess Peach Cosplay to Start Your Week

Princess Peach cosplay

Mario games have been around since the retro gaming era and have solidly marked their place in gaming history. After numerous side-scrolling games and even 2D ones such as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy, we have loved Mario and the gang since we were children. Whether it was Mario himself, his brother Luigi, or the cute little toadstool, Toad, we all had our personal favorites from the series. For many of us girls, Princess Peach was our favorite. Now, thanks to this stunning cosplay, Princess Peach may be the new favorite for you fellas as well!


German cosplayer and model La Esmeralda has created this magnificent cosplay that turns Princess Peach from the innocently lovable young lady that she was into a more mature, sexier version that is sure to make heads turn. Dressed in a pink bodysuit with signature Peach crown, a little toadstool next to her, a mystery box, and a frying pan in hand, ready to defend herself against Bowser, it’s no wonder Mario was so head-over-heels and willing to run the entire Earth for her! This cosplay of Peach is surely unique and can easily take the cake as the sexiest Princess Peach cosplay to ever hit the scene.



Photography by Ashtray Arts

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Written by ManaCookies

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