Satsuki Kiryuin Strips It All Away in Daring Cosplay

Satsuki cosplay

Imagine being Student Council President and having the power to dictate each and every student’s value and worth according to their achievements and potential, assigning them uniforms and titles that display and exemplify their talents, and deciding whether they and their family will live in luxury of being reduced to residing in filth and poverty. Now, imagine having all of this power while being pulled by strings and threads all being woven together to create something much larger in the scheme of things.


This is the life of Satsuki Kiryuin, a strong-willed and determined woman at the head of Honnoji Academy’s student council. Her story begins with her full willingness and dedication to the school’s orderly system, fighting against a disagreeing delinquent Ryuko Matoi, but as time goes on she uncovers the true intent of the school’s founder, her own mother, and experiences a change in heart and dedication.

Thus, Satsuki decides it’s time to strip away the uniform that for she believed empowered her for so long and fight back against the clothing-centric oppression brought on by her mother, Ragyo Kiryuin.


The “uniform” of Nudist Beach, a group banded together to fight against Ragyo’s fashionable forces, isn’t much of a uniform at all — In fact, it consists of only a few gun holsters conveniently covering the wearer’s chest and crotch. It takes a lot of bravery to don a uniform like that, and that’s exactly what cosplayer Genevieve Marie has. She stuns in a screen-accurate rendition of the Nudist Beach garb, armed with weapons and a look that could do some serious harm as well. Photographed at a gorgeous beach location, she truly does justice to the organization’s namesake and looks incredible while doing so.

 Photography by Lucky Bronson



Written by Guest Contributor: Demoiselle

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Written by Guest Contributor

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