Sailor Moon’s Black Lady Cosplay is Magical and Stunning

Black Lady Cosplay

After the adorable and innocent Chibiusa was tricked by the Wiseman, she was transformed into the beautiful but corrupted Black Lady. This daughter turned enemy was not only a devastating blow for Sailor Moon but she was also an extremely powerful enemy. However, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask were able to transform her back using the Silver crystal and the power of love.


This gorgeous cosplay by kristy-che is very elegant and dark. Her representation of this famous Sailor Moon Villain is spot on. The velvet and silky materials she chose for her outfit are very suiting. I especially love her wig and her make-up. The pig-tails must have taken forever to style but she’s made it look like that was her natural hair. The dark fingernails and make-up are the icing to the cake with this cosplay, she conveys a very sexy dark queen. All around kristy-che’s Black Lady is one epic Sailor Moon cosplay!


Written by Guest Contributor: Kat McGowan

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