Sadistic and Beautiful: A Billy the Puppet Saw Cosplay

Saw is a cult movie turned Hollywood favorite that follows the crimes of John Kramer, also known as the Jigsaw Killer. The Jigsaw Killer holds his victims captive and offers their freedom at a price. His victims are often made to endure sadistic traps of mental and physical torture if they are to set themselves free. Live or die. Make your choice.


Billy the Puppet is a character used by the Jigsaw Killer when talking to his victims. Kramer uses Billy to deliver the details of the traps he has set and the steps his victims must go through in order to survive. Billy the Puppet, usually appearing through a television screen to deliver this information, has become a creepy yet iconic symbol for the Saw movie franchise.


Maria Krivtsova’s rendition of Billy the Puppet is so beautiful and eerie that it sends shivers down the spine. Her impeccable make-up and stunning eyes make it hard to tear yourself away from her photographs. Maria’s style and portrayal of this character are so unique and the cosplay completed so well, that it is a definite favorite.


Photography by Andrey Pururinov.

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Written by Caeron

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