Rogue Cosplay Does the Beloved Mutant Supreme Justice

Rogue Cosplay


The X-Men’s Rogue is one character that has truly remarkable powers.  While she may not excel in physical strength, she harnesses the ability to consume all of a person’s memories merely by touching them.  Her psychic abilities are remarkable and oftentimes has provided her with the strength necessary to carry on.  She has been known to evoke the spirit and memories of Carol Danvers, AKA Ms. Marvel, in order to allow her to remain composed and brave throughout all fears.


This incredibly Rogue cosplay by Megan Coffey is incredible, and even features fellow X-Men and love interest, Gambit, cosplayed by Handsome Jordan Cosplay.  Megan’s Rogue cosplay is expertly crafted, from the wig, to costume, and overall badass demeanor that Rogue has been known to carry.  Combine that with the amazing skills of cosplay photographer David Love and you have cosplay images that are jaw dropping.


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Written by ManaCookies

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