Red Sonja Hunts in the Forest in Amazing Cosplay

Red Sonja cosplay

Red Sonja has been strutting around in her metal bikini for years. With flaming red hair, a banging body, and martial prowess, she is one kick-ass comic babe. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Not only is she great at fighting hand-to-hand, but she is also a weapons master, a superb tracker, possesses incredible stamina and berserker strength. On top of all of that is she has divine protection in the older Red Sonja series. Being stuff of legend, this is one lady you do not want to mess with.


Cosplay NicciFett slips into Red Sonja’s metal bikini with this epic cosplay. While sticking to the traditional Red Sonja theme, she adds her own spin to it, showcasing her awesome creativity. Wrapped in a fur around her shoulders, she blends into her woodland surroundings. Not only is this fur amazing, but it is adorned with a crocodile head, claws, various bones, and what appears to be a turtle shell. She is splashed with blood and her fur boots are matted with it. Wielding a knife she is tracking her prey through the trees in stunning fashion.


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Written by Glitchiee

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