One Fatally Gorgeous Cosplay of DC Comics’ Cheshire

Cheshire Cosplay

Assassins are known for being stealthy, quick and, most importantly, deadly, and there is no exception when it comes to the gorgeous ladies that join their ranks. Femme Fatales have the art of seduction on their side that makes their training as a killer all the more deadly. In The New 52, Cheshire, skilled in hand to hand combat with the added element of poison on her side, has joined the ranks of the League of Assassins. A hit is placed on Red Hood and the Outlaws and who manages to show up, but the ever deadly Cheshire. After several battles, she leaves Star Fire with a simple message, a war is coming, and it’s time to pick sides.

An exotic beauty often clad in her signature green and gold attire, she is one of the most prominent martial artists and hand-to-hand combatants in the DC Universe. What better to compliment her green appearance than her use of poisons. With long nails laced in poison, a single scratch could leave her opponent for dead. Jillian manages to perfectly capture Cheshire’s exotic beauty, with her signature Cheshire Cat stripes, and deadly appearance overlooking the city from an assassin’s advantage point. An assassin would have no use for high heeled boots in combat, instead, she opted for tight thigh high flats that are easier to gain your footing in and clothing that does not restrict movement but would not leave her tangled in a cape or other flowing garment.




View more of Jillian’s amazing cosplay work at her Facebook and DeviantArt pages.
Photography by Steph


Written by Guest Contributor: MissJinxei

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Written by Guest Contributor

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