An Incredibly Sweet and Enchanted Giselle Cosplay

The kind and lovely Giselle lived out her days in her quaint little cottage, and was often surrounded by her cuddly forest friends in the lush land of Andalasia. She found herself immediately head over heels for Prince Edward, and the two were soon to be married, that is, until the Evil Queen Narissa sent the dim-witted and innocent Giselle to a terrifying new world…

Giselle’s feature film, Enchanted, reaches back into the days of whacky 90’s movie plots, much like the classics ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ and ‘Cool World’. The utterly confused, red-headed damsel made her first ‘real-life’ appearance in an enormous wedding gown, and cosplayer Astarohime has recreated it in all its poofy glory. Her shy, frightened expressions are downright adorable, and her colorful city surroundings echo that of the busy downtown Time Square where Giselle’s unforgettable journey began!




Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz

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