Movie Cosplay: This Catwoman Cosplay is Fierce With Her Whip


Based on the 1992 movie, Batman Returns, Selina Kyle was a secretary for Max Shreck before transforming into the elusive Catwoman. With a bit of creative retcon, Selina Kyle becomes Catwoman after she is thrown from a window by Max Shreck then revived by some alley cats.


Catwoman from Batman Returns is a unique character in many ways. She has some supernatural aspects from the birth of her Catwoman persona and through eight of her nine cat lives/deaths. Even her outfit has a unique look with its patchwork look. In all of this though, two things that make Selina Kyle remain the same: an intense lust between her and Bruce and her fierce, assertive personality.


Russian cosplayer, Rei-Doll of the R&R Art Group, pulls together a fabulous Catwoman cosplay. She worked with Kifir photography to bring us a wonderful set of Catwoman photos that could be promo posters for the classic Batman Returns movie. Her cosplay doesn’t end there. Rei-Doll and the rest of the R&R Art Group bring a myriad of cosplays to us from comic books, Disney, anime, and more!



Photography by Kifir.

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Written by CaydenVierra

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