Most Popular Cosplay Characters of 2014: Elsa from Frozen

Elsa Cosplay

One of the biggest films to hit theaters in 2013 was Disney’s Frozen, and one of the most popularly cosplayed characters of 2014 was undoubtedly one of the film’s main characters, Elsa.  Elsa was magical from birth, with the ability to summon ice and snow at her will.  While some would see this as a blessing, Elsa found that because of her power, she was capable of accidentally causing harm to the ones she loves, in particular, her younger sister, Anna.  Vowing to never hurt anyone with her icy veins again, Elsa became a shut-in, while poor Anna begged outside Elsa’s bedroom door wishing the days of their childhood were back again, where they would make snowmen together and live carefreely.

Throughout Frozen, Elsa proves herself to be a strong and beautiful young woman, and even belts out the epic song, Let it Go, which the movie has become well-known for.  While Elsa has two different outfits in Frozen, the most popularly cosplayed on was her snowflaky blue dress, which she transforms into during Let it Go.  There have been many different versions of Elsa cosplays this past year, including male versions and mash-ups including Elsa and Rise of the Guardians’ Jack Frost.

Check out some of the most epic Elsa cosplays below:


elsa-cosplay-1Cosplayer: Lily On The Moon


Cosplayer: KikoLondon

Cosplayer: Meagan Marie

Cosplayer: Dakun Cosplay

Cosplayer: JIMINJI

Cosplayer: LilSophie

Cosplayer: Tink Ichigo

Cosplayer: Asami_Gate

Cosplayer: Adelhaid


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