Mortal Kombat Week: Sexy Mileena Cosplays from MK9 to Deception

Mileena Cosplay


Let Mortal Kombat begin! Every Mortal Kombat fan is familiar with Mileena, one of the original female characters of the game. Opposite Kitana, Mileena is arguably one of the most popular characters from the game.

Mortal Kombat is known for their fiercely sexy female characters and Mileena does not fall short of the expectations. From her basic leotard in the early 90s to her bandage wrap look in Mortal Kombat: Deception, Mileena has always served fanboys well. With her half Tarkatan abilities, she balances beauty and beast as a fighter. She is a triple threat: strength, agility, and finesse.


Beautiful Russian cosplayer Asher Warr brings Mileena to life in three of her costume variations. Not only does she nail the fabric part of this cosplay, but Asher Warr also goes so far as to paint the demonic Tarkatan mouth in her Deception Mileena. Aside from her epic Mileena, Asher Warr has cosplayed several characters ranging from Merida to Hawk Girl to Aleera. Be sure to check out this lovely cosplayer’s page for some beautiful work!



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Written by CaydenVierra

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