This Merida Cosplay Will Pierce Your Heart

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Seldom will you find someone, young or old, that is not mesmerized by Pixar films. Girls and boys across the globe can relate to the various characters and the life lessons are woven carefully with those loveable characters and their story that leaves you at the edge of your seat. While Pixar usually does not bring the Disney princesses to life on the big screen, this past year they tried their hand at it and gave us a princess unlike any other. The newest princess is one that will inspire children for years to come.


Sutors joined from across the land to show what sets them apart from the others to win the heart of Princess Merida. The fiery-haired young girl is determined to decide her own fate though, showing up and besting those seeking her hand in marriage at their own game of archery and defying her parents’ wishes by showing her tomboyish nature. Unfortunately, her quest for freedom lands her accepting the help of a witch who puts her mother under a curse. Merida must race against the clock and choose between her life of freedom or the love of her mother. Which one would mean more?


Thecrystalshoe brings forth the innocence and childlike nature of a princess forced to grow up at a young age. Her signature, fiery-red and wiry hair frames a face that conveys the emotions of the young girl as she searches for the answers about her life. Merida’s 12th century teal dress complements and does not restrict her movements as Thecrystalshoe pulls the string on her bow and takes aim. Always going against her feminine nature, the tip of her arrow rests against handcrafted leather wrist guard against her hand, going against this princess is one task you don’t want to accept.

Photography by Sevi Yummy

Video by Dahlia Fortescue
Assistance by Bárbara Rivas


Written by Guest Contributor: MissJinxei

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Written by Guest Contributor

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