Link Turns Sexy in this Epic Cosplay

Link Cosplay

Players were thrown into the magical world of Hyrule, put into the role of the infamous Link throughout The Legend of Zelda franchise. Most were accustomed to a child, teen, or adult version of Link who sported blonde hair and blue eyes. While players were offered a dark version of Link – one that donned nothing but black, gamers haven’t come face to face with a female version of Link, and certainly not a sexy one. That’s why cosplaying has become so famous, or at least one of the reasons. Imaginative creativity can blossom in the world of cosplay, and cosplayers are allowed to adapt and interpret characters as they please.


Kasi Altair is one of those cosplayers, and her adaptation of Link is unlike any other. Not only has she turned Link from male to female, but she’s sexed Link up – adding stockings, an open shirt, piercings, and sex appeal. All the details put into the cosplay set it over the edge, it goes above and beyond any expectations, one might have.

 Photography by The Will Box

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Written by espynat0r

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