Junko Enoshima Cosplay Delights as The Ultimate Fashionista

junko enoshima cosplay

Junko Enoshima so titled the “Ultimate Fashionista” is the main antagonist in the Danganronpa series. She is also the leader of the organization Ultimate Despair, which personifies despair into human beings, whose goal is to make others despair as well. Her beauty and success in the modeling business catapulted her to idol status which unfortunately for her garnered unwanted attention. Junko is a fascinating character, often switching between different “moods” or personalities and mannerisms to suit her tastes. She is smart, cunning, and has great skill in manipulating others. Junko’s obsession with despair drives her to make others suffer for her own enjoyment, making her a darkly twisted character.


Maki Eraclea as Junko is an excellent tribute to the character. With Junko’s bear, Monokuma in hand she uses many of Junko’s signature poses to really bring her to life. With each pose, she captures a different essence of one of Junko’s constantly changing moods. Her outfit consists of a black cardigan over a white dress shirt, red miniskirt, lace-up boots, a black and white tie, red bow, and Monokuma hair clips as an homage to Junko’s partner in crime. Maki Eraclea brings the perfect amount of cuteness and just a hint of playful malevolence with her amazing cosplay.




Photography by Diz*Zy

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Written by Kris Kittie

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