This Incredible Ryuko Yoko Cosplay Fusion Truly Dazzles

Ryuko Yoko Cosplay

The heroines Yoko Littner of Gurren Lagann and Ryuko Matoi of Kill La Kill are both incredibly strong and complex characters with fascinating character arcs and personalities. Ryuko is tough, scrappy, and determined, and Yoko is confident, caring, and kind. Both characters are very firm in their ideals.


Ryuko Yoko Cosplay by Ae

Cosplayer Ae has crafted a stunning fusion of the two. She has seamlessly melded aspects of both characters. Ryuko’s influence is found more in the accessories and hair, with her scissor blade, and her gloves along with Yoko’s scarf, bikini top, shorts, belt, stockings, and shoes. The effort that Ae has put into this beautiful mixing of the two characters is truly monumental, and with flawless craftsmanship of each piece to top it off.


Photography by Mateo Alzak and Mr. Wolf Photo

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Written by Kris Kittie

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