Holly Wolf in Stunning Fate/Stay Night Saber Cosplay


The Fate series has become wildly popular in recent years, with the release of Fate/Zero and the newest installment in the series, Fate/Stay Night.  Fate/Stay Night once again follows the daunting events of the Holy Grail War, with Rin Tohsaka as the frontwoman as she fights to be the Mage who is victorious in the end.  Each Mage gets a companion to fight alongside them during the Holy Grail War.  These trained fighters are people who had been killed but are summoned back to the land of the living in hopes of winning the war and being granted a wish that will avenge their deaths or put an end to any regrets they have.

While Rin’s companion was chosen to fate to be Archer, she had always wanted the fierce swordswoman, Saber, by her side.  Saber is a combat specialist, as she wields a sword that becomes invisible to her opponents.  While she is quite relentless in battle, she also has a soft side, showing there is more to her than her outward demeanor will often show.

Cosplayer Holly Wolf has once again stunned us with her gorgeous Saber cosplay that somehow only took her a little over a week to make.  Her royal blue dress and sword are perfectly true to Saber, and we couldn’t imagine a more accurately detailed Saber cosplay.  Be sure to check out more of Holly’s work at her Facebook and Twitter pages!

Photography by Vivid Vision

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Written by ManaCookies

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