Adorable Guilty Gear Jam Cosplay Prepares to Fight


Guilty Gear is a series of fighting games that have been around for many years now, sporting an anime-esque art style and characters with developed storylines that make you feel connected to them.  Many cosplayers have decided to show off just how connected to these characters they feel through their dedicated cosplay craft.  One cosplayer, AmeriaJustice, did just that when she created her Jam Kuradoberi cosplay.


Ameria’s Jam cosplay is adorable and completely spot-on to the source material.  The most intricate and difficult part of this cosplay would assuredly be the wig, as Jam’s hair makes a large halo shape around her head which only she could possibly pull off. Ameria makes a perfect Jam, and she looks totally ready to bust out her martial arts moves and defeat her opponent in true Jam Kuradoberi style.


Photography by Daria Polyanskaya

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Written by ManaCookies

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