Guild Wars 2 Thief Cosplays Shadowstep Their Way to Victory

Guild Wars 2 Thief Cosplays

Thieves are experts of moving through the shadows, they have honed their skills in the shadow arts and perfected their craft. Their particular strength is one on one combat, in which their skill set of agility, acrobatics, and of course, stealing are the most lethal. Their other skills include setting traps and using venom. When a Guild Wars 2 thief steals, they actually turn the stolen item into an environmental weapon that can be used for later. Their special weapon skill types include dual wield, stealth, and shadowstep skills. Thieves also have three important character traits to choose from when they enter their profession; anonymity, determination, or subterfuge.


Cloak and Dagger Cosplay have crafted two gorgeous thief cosplays rich with detail and accuracy. Showcasing two different thief creeds, their outfits reflect their choices. The drawn hood of the female thief represents her chosen subterfuge characteristic. The mask of darkness of the male thief reflects his chosen creed of anonymity. The different use of materials in these cosplays comes together to create rich and dimensional cosplays that truly embody the sleekness and stealth of a thief. Armed to the teeth with an impressive array of weapons, these thieves will take victory right from under your feet!



Photography by Kevin Chan Photography

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Written by Kris Kittie

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