Gaming Cosplay: Let this Blood Elf Lure You in With Her Magical Beauty


World of Warcraft is a fantastic, yet addicting, massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The expansive number of classes, races, and characters allows for a multitude of cosplay options to choose from. The main decision becomes, how does a cosplayer possibly choose??


The Blood Elves are a race belonging to the Horde faction. Blood Elves are a beautiful race with slim figures and radiant skin. As a race, they are infatuated with the use of magic and all the powers that it brings. Their bright colours of red and gold decorate their buildings and garb, giving them a very regal appearance.


Hekady’s cosplay of a Blood Elf is absolutely stunning in every way. Her flawless features and the beautiful craftsmanship of her gown emulate the regal nature of the Blood Elf. The addition of the magical effects and creatures to the photographs brings this cosplay to a whole new dazzling level.



Photography by Jesus Clares

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Written by Caeron

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