Fight Your Way Out of Tough Situations With This Bayonetta Cosplay

She’s the eponymous main character and protagonist of the game named after herself and a coquettish, mysterious Umbra Witch who possesses the remarkable talent for the bullet arts. After a 500 year slumber in a coffin submerged at the bottom of a lake and awakening without any memories apart from her status as a witch, she then fights to find the truth about her past. Meet Bayonetta. Known for not only being one of the most badass and popular female protagonists in gaming, but she’s also got one interesting and functional skin-tight costume…that is made of her hair. Once equipped with a gun or two, Bayonetta demonstrates superior skills in combat and agility.


What’s even better than a strong and sexy female video game protagonist is when an extremely talented cosplayer takes a character, like Bayonetta, and brings her to life and adds her own flair and stamp of quality to the character. This is what American cosplayer, Rarity, has done. There is much to love about this cosplay. From the skin tight PVC body suit to the fringing and appliquéd details on the collar, and even the ornaments and Bayonetta’s two favourite guns, this cosplay is kick ass and with Bayonetta at your side, she’s sure to get you out of any hairy situation.

View more of Rarity’s cosplay works at her Facebook, Twitter, and DeviantART pages!

Photography by Blue Dawn Studios.

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