Explore the Tall Grass with this Vaporeon Cosplay

Vaporeon Cosplay

Photo by U.V. Photography

Vaporeon, an evolution of Eevee, is one of the original 151 Pokemon. First seen in the TV series in The Battling Eevee Brothers in 1998, Eevee evolves into Vaporeon when exposed to a water stone. Changing from a normal type pokemon to a water type, it grows fins, gills and turns blue. Since its molecular structure is still fluid like Eevee’s, it has the ability to melt into water. An extremely useful Pokemon, not only can it learn surf, but it can also learn waterfall and dive.


The wonderful Stella Chuu has been exposed to a water stone and transforms into this amazing Vaporeon cosplay. Drawing inspiration from “bunny” cosplays, she has Vaporeon’s fins on her head, a white bow tie around her neck, white cuffs on her wrists and sultry blue heels. In a blue leotard complete with finned tail, blue stockings, and a blue wig she looks ready to go for a swim. This is such a fun take on Vaporeon.


Photography by Sateriale Productions

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Written by Glitchiee

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