Everyday Cosplay: Resident Evil 2’s Ada Wong

Get This Casual Ada Wong Cosplay Style That Can Be Worn Anywhere

Ada Wong is a well-known character from the Resident Evil franchise series, also known as Biohazard in Japan. The popular horror series began In 1996 and introduced fans to the character when an Umbrella Corporation researcher wrote a letter addressed to “Ada.” Initially, her character was named Linda, and she was responsible for guiding the player around throughout the gameplay.

Ada’s character became fully developed in Resident Evil 2 and immediately became a fan favorite due to her strong personality. Her character is mysterious, sexy, intelligent, and witty. Ada Wong’s confidence exudes not only from her personality but from the outfits that she wears throughout the franchise. When Ada turned into a character of her own, she began to take on her own specific style. Some of the most iconic outfits she has worn are a red miniskirt, red dress, black combat suit, beige trench coat, and glamorous sunglasses. Red seems to be Ada’s signature color.

Although Ada is seen as an antihero due to her support of the franchise’s villains, she also shows a different side by assisting the rookie police officer Leon Kennedy. Her complexity and character development are appreciated by fans across the globe.

If you want to emulate Ada Wong’s signature look in a casual cosplay, here are some ideas to get you started.

Get the Look

1. Beige Double Breasted Trench Coat $39.99

This trench coat is the perfect everyday cosplay accessory because it’s stylish and simple enough to be worn every day. If you pair this trench coat with the oversized sunglasses and a discreet scarf, you’ll be able to be in full cosplay mode that can be worn anywhere.

2. Short Bob Wig with Bangs $15.99

Ada’s black, choppy bob is one of the most important things to get right when you’re recreating her character for an everyday cosplay. This 11″ short black bob wig from REECHO give you all of the volume and attitude without having to cut your own hair.

3. Dark Red Halter Dress $24.95

Finally, Ada Wong is known for her seductive red dress that she pairs with her weapons. The amazing thing about this particular dress is that it’s comfortable and has two discreet side pockets. Style and function combined is always a win!

4. Oversized Round Sunglasses $12.95

Ada is known for wearing her oversized sunglasses – whether it’s daytime or nighttime. They give her an edge of mysteriousness by not letting anyone see her eyes. These sunglasses are a perfect, simple tribute.

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