Elizabeth Executes Her Plan in Burial at Sea Cosplay

Elizabeth cosplay

As a main focus of the Bioshock game series, Elizabeth Comstock is an interesting character. Seeing her grow from a child to young woman, her character greatly matures until the Bioshock: Burial at Sea episodes. In the first episode, she is cold and calculating, determined to get vengeance on the man who caused her so much pain. An intelligent woman, she no longer is repulsed by acts of violence, especially killing. Losing much of her child-like behavior and naivete, she is instead filled with bitterness.


Katy-Angel recreates Elizabeth’s attire perfectly in her Burial at Sea cosplay. Donning her crisp white blouse and dark pencil skirt, all the small details are represented. A thimble sits where her pinky finger was severed, she had red nails which match her belt. Around the collar of her blouse is a bird pendant on a red ribbon. Taking things another step, she various the photos by not only having some pristine images but also ones where she is a bit banged up. The dirt and disheveled appearance of her blouse, along with the lacerations on her face really sell Elizabeth’s story.


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Written by Glitchiee

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