Liz Katz Heads to Pandora in her Psycho Cosplay


Borderlands is one of my favorite game franchises of all time. It is pure havoc and lets you get all kinds of trigger happy at the expense of all of the Bullymongs and Skags abundant on Pandora. One of the fan favorite enemies from the Borderlands universe is the Psychos, and while we have seen many male cosplayers create cosplays of the masked, half-naked bandits, nothing can compare to Liz Katz and her Psycho-turned-sexy cosplay.


Liz’s cosplay is not only completely accurate to the character, with orange pants and, well, no shirt, but she places herself into a Pandora-esque setting. Liz always does a phenomenal job creating her very own renditions of our favorite characters, and the Psycho is just another that she can add to her ever-growing list of accomplishments.


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Written by King

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