Jenifer Ann is Stunning in This Psylocke Cosplay


It seems as though the cosplay scene is becoming filled with an overwhelming amount of talent. Every day, new cosplayers are showing off their amazing personifications of some of our favorite characters. There is one cosplayer who we have known since the beginning of her cosplay career, and have watched her grow into a cosplayer who has proved herself to be incredibly talented, and that is Jenifer Ann.

Jenifer Ann has been giving fans of cosplay her own epic impersonations of characters such as Rainbow Dash, Vampirella, and Wonder Woman, with her Psylocke being one of our all-time favorites. She has recently teamed up with photographer David Love, providing new photos of this amazing cosplay for us to enjoy.

Because of her dedication to the art of cosplay and all of the stunning content that she is constantly bringing to the community, Jenifer Ann’s Psylocke is undoubtedly worthy of being dubbed our Editor’s Pick of the Week.


Be sure to check out more of her work at her Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Written by King

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