Cosplay Pick of the Week: Captain America Gets Gorgeous


Cosplayers have created a wide variety of Cap. attire, ranging from his classic comic attire to a more pinup-esque version.  While we love and appreciate all of the various types of Captain America cosplays, we can’t help but feel beyond impressed by Brit Bliss’ pinup soldier look.


Brit’s images show that she is ready to get patriotic and beat down evil-doers in the name of justice.  She is the epitome of patriotism, just like Captain America, while keeping the beautiful, sultry quality that she easily evokes.  While this renowned model may be new to the cosplay scene, she could seamlessly stand amongst the cosplay pros while still standing out from the crowd.  We can’t wait to see what other cosplays arise from Brit’s newly-found cosplay career.  



Be sure to follow Brit on Twitter and visit her Website to see more of her modeling work.

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Written by King

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