Check Out This Epic Wolverine Jean Grey Cosplay Duo

Wolverine Jean Grey Cosplay Duo

The X-Men are one of the most well-known groups in the Marvel Universe.  Comprised of a group of mutants fighting for justice, this band of heroes may be looked down upon by the majority of society, but they are almost always fighting for a just cause, regardless of what outsiders might think of them.  The group’s main ringleader, Wolverine, is always a source of inspiration and bravery for the group, while his fellow mutant and bombshell Jean Grey (also known as Phoenix) is always there to provide support, love, and her own epic dose of badassery.


Cosplayers Lonstermash and Ann Nonimous perfectly portray the two lovebirds in a shoot that is perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.  Posed in a bedroom with a seductive essence, Lonstermash and Ann make the perfect Wolverine and Jean Grey.  These two cosplayers prove that they are both talented and committed to the characters they portray, as they not only look like spitting images of the comic book counterparts but completely evoke the essence of Wolverine and Jean Grey.  Because of this, they are more than worthy of this week’s Editor’s Pick, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for these two talented cosplayers.



Photography by Fantasies Muse Photography

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