Cosplay Tip Tuesday: Mascara – Your Secret Weapon

Karli Woods

Today’s tip Tuesday is all about a secret weapon you didn’t know you even had…Mascara!

That’s right, mascara is a secret weapon, and you can use it for a number of reasons. When you are at a convention, photo-shoot, or anywhere! You probably don’t have a can of hairspray on you or you are trying to carry as little products as possible. Especially at conventions, it is hard to carry hairspray around all day when you already have your concealer, camera, lip chap, phone, money, safety pins, and all your other convention essentials.

So my tip today is simply that you can use mascara not only for creating dramatic lashes, but to tame those crazy fly-aways! I used to be a competitive figure skater and we would use clear mascara to hold down our fly-aways…sometimes hairspray just doesn’t cut it. So remember not only does mascara come in a variety of colors, but it can act as a dual purpose when you are trying to downsize the items you carry in your purse.

See you guys next week!



By Guest Contributor: Karli Woods

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