This Cosplay of The Lion King’s Scar Will Make You Roar

Scar Cosplay

Scar first made an appearance in the 1994 film The Lion King. He is the younger brother to Mufasa, the ruler of the Pride Lands, but he wants more. He wants to rule the land, and plans to kill Mufasa, and send Simba far away. Sadly he accomplishes his evil dream, and Simba runs far away. Simba eventually returns, after being coerced by Nala, and Simba stands up to Scar, resulting in the death of the short-time ruler. Simba takes his rightful place as king, and Scar is no longer.


In Kingdom Hearts, The Pride Lands is one of the most interesting areas. It was meant to be playable in Kingdom Hearts I, but the programming required to have Sora fight on four legs proved too much for the system to handle. In the game, Scar teams up with Pete to rule over Pride Lands with discipline and punishment. Scar stands out in the Kingdom Hearts series by being one of two characters to turn into a basic enemy type, Scar being a Heartless, and the Magic Mirror becoming an Unversed.


This stunning cosplay is by Iishke. She manages to bring out the human side of Scar, and makes it not only beautiful but also believable.

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