A Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Midna Cosplay

Midna Cosplay

In honor of October being the month of Halloween, we bring you horrifyingly amazing cosplays of characters who all play with the darker side of the world. This time we present you with Midna, the Twilight Princess.


Midna originates from the 2006 Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She is a member of the magical Twili. While most know her in her cursed imp form, her true form is one of pure beauty. Midna sees use of Link, and persuades him to aid her in the hunt for the other fragments of the Fused Shadow. Her temper seems uninterested and insensitive at first, but as she grows to know Link, she starts to become gentler and more accessible. While some perceive Midna to be annoying, most fans agree that she is one of the greatest female characters in Nintendo games. Her back story making it impossible to outright hate her.


This magical cosplay is by Spicy-Seasoning.  She has done an entire photoshoot as Midna, and has plenty more stunning pictures with her as Midna. You can check them out on her deviantART page.


Written by Guest Contributor: Deekay

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Written by Guest Contributor

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