Cosplay of the Day: A Lovely Female Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton has amassed quite a fan base thanks to his quirky, creepy, horroresque films that he has created throughout the years. Tending to cast the same few select actors and actresses, Johnny Depp has appeared in numerous Tim Burton films, making them an epic pair in the offbeat, spooky film genre. Their pairing goes back to 1990, where Depp was cast as the scar-faced, sharp-handed young man under the name of Edward Scissorhands. This movie is a classic, and many of us have come to love Edward’s character, who, while appearing quite murderous, was actually quite sweet, shy, loving, and surely misunderstood. In honor of the movie that we still love over 20 years later, Catherine Skwara created this cosplay that turns Edward into a more beautiful female version that is surely perfect for the Halloween season.



View more of Catherine’s work at her DeviantArt and Facebook pages.

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Written by ManaCookies

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