Comic Cosplay Wednesday: Marvel’s Epic Captain America


Captain America / Steve Rogers is as iconic as they come. Everyone even the amazing S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Phil Coulson loves the Cap. Now if Coulson could just get an autograph. From the Avengers to the Winter Soldier, Captain America is a Marvel superhero that the world just cannot get enough of. His cameo appearance in the second installment of Thor had everyone excited. It was one of my personal favorite moments from the film.

Even after being frozen in time, Steve Rogers has remained timeless. There is one thing for sure, Captain America is not going out of style anytime soon. From huge hits on the big screen to comic books that sell out fast, Captain America is taking the world by storm. He is truly remarkable and is making a huge impact on the cosplay community. Men, women and children alike love to wear the red, white, and blue Captain America costume, as well as, carry the shield.

It is truly amazing the amount of variations cosplayers have developed of the Captain America costume. From skin tight to muscular, all of them are absolutely amazing. My personal favorites, however, are the more feminine versions. It is truly astonishing to see women show their love for male characters, as well as, show their strength and pride.


ValeKryptonite was able to bring a female touch to the costume and look absolutely timeless. She was able to capture the patriotic nature and calming presence of Captain America in her feminine version of the costume. Wearing an underbust corset with alternating red and white stripes, a metallic blue bodysuit, blonde wig, and sporting knee-high boots, ValeKryptonite looks absolutely stunning. Photographer Azaak definitely knew how to step the images up a notch with an American flag background and jets. ValeKryptonite is a beautiful and timeless American Girl! Maybe Coulson should just ask her for an autograph.


Written by Guest Contributor: NerdGirlBritt

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Written by Guest Contributor

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