Check Out This Incredible Sona and Miss Fortune Cosplay Duo

Sona Miss Fortune cosplay duo


Rocking out in the bot lane in retro fashion, these Arcade Sona and Arcade Miss Fortune cosplays make a perfect pair.  With Sona’s high-octane buffing abilities that allow her to restore health back to the damage-dealing Miss Fortune, pairing a Sona with a Miss Fortune could be devastating to the opposing team.  Not only are they incredible Champions, but they each have one of the best groups of skins, Arcade, to ever hit League of Legends.

These cosplays by Yaya Han and Vicky Bunny Angel are incredible.  They are bright and colorful with spectacular editing and photographing skills by ONE Photographie.  This image is so stunning, it might just be one of the best League of Legends cosplay images to date!

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Written by ManaCookies

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