Rise of the Guardians Cosplay Brings a Legend to Life

When she’s not fawning over Jack’s “freshly fallen snow'” white teeth, Toothiana is guarding the memories of the world’s children. She’s the ringleader of the tiny tooth fairies who venture out, collecting each and every tooth that waits snuggled beneath pillows. Accoutered in feathers, she fights alongside other famous legends to inspire the belief of their existence and stop the world from being drowned in darkness, by the tormented villain, Pitch Black.

Rise of the Guardians was a hit with convention goers, but left us with just one lovable leading lady, who is anything but simplistic. Complex cosplays are intimidating endeavors! Only the brave take Toothianna’s vibrant full body feathers head on. Camille’s costume is applause worthy. She constructed an identical headpiece and tail, and ran the feathers down through the brilliantly shiny body suit. The fabric choice is patterned and luminous, giving the illusion of Tooth’s feather clad body. The eyelash details and makeup pull everything together for an insanely impressive costume.





You can see many more costumes by the adorable Camille at her DeviantArt page!

All Photos were taken by: Elite Cosplay




Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz

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