Big Barda Receives the Bombshell Treatment in Sexy Cosplay

Big Barda bombshell cosplay


Big Barda first appeared in comics in 1971 with Mister Miracle #4. One of the New Gods, she was taken from her mother and sent to Granny Goodness’ Home for Orphaned Youth. There she became a skilled killer, being trained in combat as well as military tactics. Her abilities were so impressive that she was elected as leader of the Female Furies. This all changed, however, when she met Scott Free, a rebel whom she helped escape from Apokolips to New Earth. Having a change of heart, she eventually followed him, now Mister Miracle, and became a warrior for good.

One of Golden Lasso Cosplay‘s favorite characters, Big Barda was a cosplay she wanted to undertake. However, her creativity kicked in as Big Barda had not yet received a bombshell version as other DC females had, she created her own bombshell version. Featuring gold and navy blue, the finished piece is stunning. Keeping familiar iconography, she sports a sailor hat embellished with the design of Barda’s helmet and wields her Mega-Rod. Not only is Golden Lasso gorgeous, but extremely creative to think up and execute such a perfect cosplay!

 Photography by Cesar Vivid Photography

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Written by Glitchiee

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