Barbara Gordon is Back in Action: An Epic Batgirl Cosplay

Batgirl Cosplay

Barbara Gordon, Gotham’s first dark dame, was destined to get her hands in the crime-fighting cookie jar. Her father is Commissioner Gordon for starters, she is wicked smart and has her PhD., and has no qualms about stepping it up with the big boys to take down the dirty criminals plaguing Gotham City. She is certainly one of the most iconic superhero chicks out there and after a terrible turn of events, led by none other than the Joker, she is paralyzed and loses her fighting ability. That doesn’t keep her totally out of the game, as she takes on the persona of The Oracle, where she becomes a constant source of help and information for Batman, doing everything she can to continue helping Gotham whenever possible. Others have portrayed Batgirl, but Barbara Gordon is the founding Queen of the Bats.

batgirl-cosplay-2MangoSirene exhibits perfectly the strong vigilance of the Batgirl, her strong will, and her fearlessness in the face of evil. Her utility belt and cape in tact, she is ready to take out any villain in her way.


Written by Guest Contributor: Novblue

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Written by Guest Contributor

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